Redline Breathalyser

Redline 2

Redline Breathalyser

The Redline Breathalyser a UNIQUE, self-testing, disposable, simple, inexpensive and laboratory calibrated alcohol Breathalyser, which detects the presence of alcohol  in the body and gives an accurate indication of whether the blood alcohol content has exceeded a specific limit.

When yellow turns green, you’re over.

A measured volume of air is blown through the glass test ampoule filled with reactive yellow crystals, which turn green in the presence of alcohol. If the colour change  extends beyond the red line calibrated on the tube, then it indicates a blood alcohol level of more than the standard calibration.

Conducting the test

  1. Break off the snap-off end caps at both ends of the tester and shake out the harmless white crystals inside the tube.
  2. Inflate the bag by blowing in one steady breath into the neck of the bag. The valve in the neck of the bag automatically closes after inflation.
  3. Insert the white cap end of the tester into the neck of the bag.
  4. Squeeze the bag evenly, expelling the air through the tester.
  5. Wait two minutes for the results.

    Conducting the Redline Breathalyser Test

    Taking the test is quick and easy and requires no training. The results are immediate, reliable and accurate. The device is hygienic as it is only used once and the cost is low – COSTING APPROXIMATELY THE SAME AS A DRINK.

Benefits include:

  • Public corporate social awareness responsibility benefits by being associated with saving lives and benefiting the country
  • Safer roads for all users
  • Showing your clients and customers that you really care for them
  • Educating the public with the dangers of over the limit drinking and driving
  • Self testing capabilities for your staff and clients at events and functions, making for a safer working environment
  • Promoting your brand awareness through association with Redline and your branded Breathalyser
  • Unique marketing opportunity
  • Cost effective advertising
  • Good image association
  • Marketing edge over competitors.

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